Vesper is a luxury companion in Toronto Ontario Canada. She offers discrete escort services to gentlemen and women. She likes cocktails, films, art, fine dining and the opera. Erudite, well-spoken, educated, elegant, timeless. Vesper is the perfect date for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Her sensual aura and sultry voice are sure to please, and her connective conversations will keep you engaged all night long. If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable experience, look no further than Vesper – your luxury companion in Toronto.

I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.

Well, darling... shall we?

I suspect that a yearning for life outside of the ordinary is what brought you to me; a longing for a place you can truly be yourself and let go. Life is short and you desire to make the most out of it, to taste and touch the things you once thought were forbidden.

We have that in common.

Demure and unassuming at first with dark hair, full lips, and an angular bone structure, you’ll quickly come to realize that I’m full of secrets and stories from the many lives I’ve led. It would be easy to mistake me for yet another creative director or stylist but hidden away under silk or lace, black-and-grey flora and fauna decorate my skin (but you'll have to be close enough to smell my perfume to see them).

at a glance
  • age mid-20s
  • height 5'4" (163cm)
  • dress 2 - 4
  • shoe 38 / 7.5
  • piercings ears
  • tattoos many*

    *hidden for privacy


lazy mornings and languid afternoons with you
délice de bourgogne w/ honey + truffles
roads paved with cobblestone
bustling neon-lit streets
cocktails served over hand-cut ice
islay scotch, neat
earthy reds & acidic, crisp whites

While finding fulfilment in my career and various creative pursuits...

… the thing that brings me to this secret world of ours is my love for genuine connection. Like you, I crave adventure and desire. I found myself on a path to be my most free and it has led me to you. 

In our time together, you’ll find yourself in the company of a sweet, feisty, and sensual young woman with a fondness for creating lasting relationships and memories. I’ll always remember every detail of our time together — your favourite drink, song, the sweater you wore last time. We’ll create a world of our own, built upon a foundation of genuine chemistry, care, excitement, and connection. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, I’ll be at home anywhere — as long as it’s with you.


  • A Day of Bliss $5000
  • Overnight $4000
  • Dinner $1800
  • Introduction $900

    up to 2 hours

lust & libations

Enjoy a bespoke cocktail experience with me, tailored based on your tastes. Shaken? Stirred? Sour? Bitter? Fruity? Let me make you something special or one of your favourite classics.

Mixology dates must be booked in advance so that I have ample time to prepare ice, garnishes, and syrups in advance. Please ensure that liquor brought to bartending dates are unopened and sealed.

Please book enough time to ensure you are able to drive home or ensure you have an alternate mode of transportation when leaving our date.

$250 + spirit 

Spoil Me

Gifts are never expected, but immensely appreciated nonetheless. If you choose to bring a gift to our rendezvous, please do so in nondescript and discrete packaging. For large gifts, please arrange privately with me on the best method to exchange it. Please send all gifts or e-Gift cards to


If you or anyone in your household or bubble is experiencing any illness symptoms, please reach out as soon as possible to reschedule for a later date.

Individuals who arrive to our engagement exhibiting symptoms will be immediately asked to leave with no refund.

A non-negotiable 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. This may be paid via Interac e-Transfer or select cryptocurrency. Deposits are non refundable unless I am the party that must cancel.

In the chance you need to cancel or reschedule our time together, your deposit will serve as the cancellation fee unless otherwise agreed upon privately.

If you are meeting me at mine, place my fee in an unsealed enveloped in plain sight immediately, then please the provided hand sanitizer or wash your hands. If you are hosting, please place the envelope on the bathroom counter in advance of my arrival.

If we meet in public, please hand me the envelope inside a gift bag or book. I may excuse myself quickly to confirm it.

If paying electronically, please have the funds to me prior to our appointment time and notify me of your transfer. It is unbecoming to make me ask for it and will sour our time together.

Please place personal effects (phone, keys, wallet, etc) hidden away in your pants/coat pocket, bag, or left on the bathroom counter.

There are plenty of lovely topics of conversation that do not include gossip or questions about my work and personal life. Please refrain from discussing other companions unless you would like me to invite them to a duo with us. Please refrain from asking me about my work in this industry, my business practices, and my other clients. Do not ask me about personal information (e.g. where I live, my real name, etc).

I pride myself on being impeccably groomed and fresh for your arrival and expect the same from my dates. Should you need to freshen up, my shower, soft fluffy towels and selection of toiletries including soap and mouthwash are available for you. If I offer you a shower, please take it.

Communication and consent are key in all interactions, especially intimate ones. If you’re not sure about something, just ask! I promise I won’t bite (unless you want me to).

My style of companionship is relaxed and unrushed, but please be considerate of my time. I will not hesitate to remind you of it, if I find that we are running a little long. Significant overstaying will be rounded up and billed at $400/hour.

Personal schedule permitting, I would be delighted to spend more time with you! Do inquire before our prearranged time comes to an end so that we may take care of business and get back to us! My in-date extension is $400 per hour; please have it to me before the end of our time together via e-transfer or cash.

I do not partake or participate in review culture, please keep the details of our time together our little secret. 

Frequently Asked

Unfortunately I do not offer same day appointments to suitors with whom I’ve not already met. I have a busy personal and professional life with numerous pursuits, and my time is often spoken for weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly so we can ensure that our paths do indeed cross.

I don’t consider my dalliances in the demimonde to be a transactional exchange where I can list what I offer. My tastes are varied and eclectic, and I am sure to be much more openminded when treated with the respect a woman like myself deserves. Asking for services reduces our time together to a To-Do list, and I prefer a more organic approach.

I offer exquisite duo companionship with a select few of the finest companions both in Canada and internationally. Please inquire privately for more information, as I do not post their details for their discretion.

I do not offer duos with providers I have not previously met with.

While we may find ourselves lost in conversation and truly enjoying each others’ company, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am unavailable without formal booking and compensation, though I am happy to respond to a thoughtful gift in my inbox!

Please keep all communications contained to booking details only, I do not offer texting services.

As you probably have discerned, I have a varied and expansive collection of underpinnings. You may make a generic request like a preference for colour or style, though it is dependent on my mood ultimately. Highly detailed requests are impersonal and set the stage for an underwhelming experience.

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